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8 “QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGES” That NEEDS To Be Added in Clash Royale (New Update Features 2018 / 2019)

8 “QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGES” That NEEDS To Be Added in Clash Royale (New Update Features 2018 / 2019)

Guys having armed today would be talking about some more Hay day, I mean it skews me class real today I wouldn’t be looking at some quality of life changes that I’ve come up with or just saw a long time ago and we still don’t have so what quality of life changes is is something that’s We don’t need but it would help the game out a ton Like just make the game the game play overall just a bit better for us us players and not super self And yeah, so I still have that tan line right there. I can’t get rid of it I don’t like I don’t know how to do that Do I like bleach this part or something or do I make this part darker? I don’t know. Anyways, that’s besides the point Let’s go ahead and hop on to this list that I made I don’t have like 15 of them I just have a few That I wanted to go ahead and read but they are pretty interesting and also one more thing before we get into that for those Of you who saw the week 2 gameplay video for Heroes that was deleted by supercell so you can no longer see it Yeah, just in case you guys are wondering where to go or what Just yeah now you know, so the first one is going to be one that we already have in classic clients And it’s actually change our name with gems so in clash of clans, I think an update or two ago We had the ability to actually change our name with gems like it costs 500 and it gave you a confirmation It said hey, if you have an inappropriate name will actually not refund you but will change your name back So it’s something like that, you know pay 500 gems It’s basically five dollars and then you can change your name to whatever you wants as much as you want I think the second time was a little bit more gems if I’m not mistaken.

I don’t know. I haven’t actually tried it myself I don’t play much clash of clans, but it is priced for gems So the reason why I want this so bad is because I want to be able to change my name experiment with some names I just Sometimes you have a name for two years and just want to change it the last time we actually had a name change Available for free was when a lot of people were using the color name change I believe supercell gave us a second round or I think it was a third round Name change and that was the last time if I’m not mistaken I think it would be cool and like the concept I made for the thumbnail.

You guys can see here. I kind of Replicated what would it look like? I think it would be awesome Number two is going to be see the necks of great levels like the stats for the next upgrade You can see tournament standard stats, but you can’t see your next level stats, unless you have enough gold for it. Listen to Purcell I don’t have a hundred K to upgrade my Knights I just want to know what the stats are for level 13 sure you can do a quick Google search but not every level is Gonna be on Google. So I just want to be able to see my next level stats What are the stats gonna be like at level 11 12 13 right now? the only thing left to do is check the tournament standard and That’s that’s cool now, but I don’t think it’s enough for actually just you know Having a freedom of checking if that card is actually worth upgrading or not If I want to upgrade my knight to max and I don’t know what the stats will increase to I’m pretty much Blindsided until I get 100k gold and then not only been I can decide if I want to upgrade or not So yeah, just a simple option will help us out a ton The next one’s going to be remove these lame chests from quest listen supercell I don’t want to be doing quest for a gold chest Seriously, that kind of just makes me not want that chest because there are so many better chests you know the giant even the giant chess is okay, but you know the fortune chests the Super magic with chests magic with chests.

Oh, that is way better than trying to get a Load of points for just a gold chest in my opinion. It’s a waste of time because nobody wants to be Battling and doing all these quests for a chest that gives you like a few hundred goals. Like I don’t want to do that It’s the simplest and smallest things in the game that affect me and everyone else right now I have a giant chest and that’s okay You know once I get that giant chest, I’ll be happy but before that I had a gold chest, you know How long that gold chest will sit in there for weeks? Weights, you know how I got the points for that gold chest Just playing, you know, and I didn’t really pay attention to the quest I just played along you know and over time I started to get points for random stuff that I Didn’t even know was there so my point was remove these small chests from quests I don’t think anybody wants to be doing quest for chests.

That doesn’t really give a nice reward The next one is going to be more gold packs now in the shop We only have an option for three and they are so huge and difference that they don’t even make sense Let’s check right now because I completely forgot but if we go over to the shop We have a pack for under $1 We have a pack for $5 and then we have a pack jumping all the way over to almost $50 god damn. How do you go from five to almost 50 bucks? Like at least add? More packs, let’s say you add a $10 pack or a $20 pack You know something just a little less than that much gold I’m not gonna be on this for so long because this is something we don’t Necessarily need because we can simply buy the gold with gems when we need to but you know It’s just something that I suggest supercell adds or at least considers, you know, because it would make things a bit easier sometimes you don’t want 100 K gold you simply want about 50 K but that’s not an option. Next one on this list is going to be more 2v2 modes I’ve talked about this in the past and Supercell still doesn’t seem to get a figure out yet in to v2 when you go into a 2v2 battle It’s not exactly like ladder.

You’re not gaining trophies. You’re not going up in ranks nothing is going on, but just a little bit of gold and Your chest cycles, so why not add more game modes? Like for example, let us choose something like devil elixir or rage mode or triple elixir Maybe have it once a week or let us choose whenever we wants. It’s not going to affect the game at all because It’s not flattered. I would understand if you added these game modes to ladder people would kind of be like no Please no, but Toby 2 is not loud.

You’re not gaining or losing Anything at all? You’re just if you lose you don’t lose anything if you win you gain but Losing has no consequence in 2v2 as far as I know So adding more game modes would make 2v2 a bit more fun in my opinion it would make me play to view to a whole lot more and I Personally just wants these double elixir trip elixir Draft stuff like that just add it to to v2 and let us pick when we want You know, it’d be fun moving on to the next one is going to be lettuce turn off certain Notifications now when you enable notifications for clash for yellow, you’re pretty much telling supercell Hey you can send me whatever the hell you want if I missed a chest if I have a upgrade available if I if someone’s looking for a 2v2 battle if the seasons almost over all of that all of that will get sent to your phone and it’s sometimes it’s just It’s a little annoying.

You know, these notifications don’t always matter. Why is my background flickering, huh? I know anyways back to my point some of these modifications don’t exactly matter We don’t need to know when we missed a chest to open because surely I know what I’m doing I didn’t miss a chest to open. I just left it unopened notifications like this are just spam for me You know I get so many notifications Why do I need more from clash Royale on? Nonsense, for example when someone’s looking for a 2v2 battle, it’s not even requesting to be with you It’s just saying so-and-so is looking for Tuvok to battle join them. Oh, I don’t want to join them I might here eating dinner working. Why would I want to join someone in a 2v2 battle? Why would I just get on suddenly on clash Royale to help someone with 2v2? It doesn’t work like that So in my opinion, I feel like supercell should let us at least turn off certain notifications because I Don’t know I get so much I play every day and I get at least 5 or 10 of these notifications about random vs Every single day the next one is going to be More challenges.

I believe I talked about this in my most recent things. We hate in clash Well where we don’t have anymore challenges and for two years. We’ve only had a classic and grand supercell why we have so many options you can add a 20-win challenge you can add a thirty-one challenge. You can add two V two challenges or double elixir Classic chat, like they’re not the classic challenge. But like the classic debt card challenge, whatever. I forgot what it’s called You have so many options yet after two years we only have grand and classic challenge and that’s as as Far as you can get there’s nothing you can do if you want to earn more Rewards like I believe challenges are to earn rewards you pay a price Ten gems for 100 considering you pick classic or grant which are the only ones and it’s pretty much just you gambling for a chest So I don’t think casinos have only two slot machines and BAM. That’s it No, you have to have a lot of options, you know, people are going to get bored of those two Machines and in classflow people are going to get bored of those two game modes.

In fact people have already been bored of it Who uploads Grand Challenges on YouTube nobody? I don’t remember the last time people were so excited to play Grand Challenge It’s just a thing of the past. It’s outdated and we need more game modes and not to the last one. This one is more Preferably for me because I’m a youtuber and I would love this feature I call a ghost mode or a toggle for active or inactive or unavailable Whatever it is. I just feel like when you’re recording a video live Sometimes you get spammed for attacks, and I don’t know havoc just for move friends, you know But people don’t know when you’re going to be recording. That’s the thing. You know, people are just genuinely Trying to battle with you, but they don’t know you’re recording so there’s no way in telling is it okay to requests or you know, I Don’t know but since there’s nothing you can do about it Sometimes you’re gonna get requests to battle that you don’t want You’re recording a video and you just get spammed for it by many people and since they don’t know you’re recording they don’t know so you’re gonna keep getting spammed until you accept and sometimes that’s annoying because you know, It’s not like you can personally message them because there’s no messaging system in class where yell so you can’t tell them Hey, look, I’m recording.

No, you know what? We’ll fix this though a toggle that will let everyone know that you’re active Unavailable or offline completely. So yeah, that would help a ton. But guys, I think that should be it I don’t know how much work on that list. I believe I had six or seven I’ll count it up later and put it on the title But those are my quality of life changes if you guys forgot what quality of life changes are It’s pretty much changes that we don’t need but will make our lives a little bit more simpler So supercell is always adding quality of life changes. So these are not something that they will just automatically out rule now These are something they can actually consider and add to the next update or the one before that.

I mean the one after that and 2019 we have a whole year in front of us Consider some of these, you know, believe me when I see a supercell. I’m just like everyone else playing clash for you I casually playing clash for yell. I get on iChat with my clan. I sometimes do ladder 2v2, you know Everything’s the same. I’m not a hardcore player. I’m not a pro player So I understand the basics of what we need in clash real some of these don’t apply to everyone some of these don’t bother everyone But believe me at least one of these people do wants So with that being said hope you guys enjoyed today’s video Please like comment and subscribe for videos and let me know down below on some of your ideas that Supercell should consider to add in cos we’re yeah, so visit YouTube. See you on the next one. Peace .

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