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Balance Update December 2018 (12/5) | Clash Royale 🍊

Balance Update December 2018 (12/5) | Clash Royale 🍊

What’s up everyone this is OG the balance changes are going live December 3rd which happens to be after the CRL World Finals to not affect the tournament the electro dragon is receiving a 5% health nerf and a slower first attack what does this health change mean really well – one Lightning will now kill a drag with its 5% health nerf this will really help with interactions on ladder when you don’t have a max lightning but you’re facing a Mac sir only its first attack is going to be nerfed so the overall damage per second is remaining the same it’ll be easier to react when it’s placed down another effect from having its first attack tweaked is that it’s going to remain incredibly powerful defending against golems but it’ll be weaker countering swarm troops because it’ll struggle to lock onto each new unit the rural recruits are finally getting dropped down to 7 elixir their true value comboing them will now be way more feasible and split pressure decks we’re just throwing them down on defense it’s in a way a 14% step up to kind of balance it out with their attack speed they’re also being reduced from seconds to seconds this is roughly a 9% DPS nerf the barbarian barrel has tried so hard to fit into the meta buff after buff after buff it’s now too strong it’s getting a 5% damage nerf meaning it’s no longer going to kill the archers it’s easy to remember it’s damaged if you relate it to the arrows because they’ll both now share the same damage value the Tesla’s first two attacks will be faster than before its third attack will be the same and the fourth are progressively slower because of its hit speed archers are a bit of a tweak their health is being reduced by 1% this merely fixes an inconsistency so that the minions will shot them across all equal levels the pink-haired ladies are getting a 2.5% boost and damage as well this is a very delicate tweak all interactions remain the same but on paper they technically take one less shot to kill tanks like a golem the ice Wizards health is being reduced by drastic 11% it now potentially be able to be killed with poison it’s not really a nerf because they’re also tweaking its overall role by buffing its damage by 10% this is a huge reward this is huge for a ladder mostly because most players don’t have a maxed wizard on ladder and in war it might be one level too low an under levelled ice wizard did not take care of graveyard with its 10% buff now it’ll will to keep things consistent the snowball will now match the damage of zapped by buffing it by 14% hopefully this buffle finally have the snowball respected the difference is that snowball has a bigger radius has knocked back and slow but it’s a slower projectile while zap is instant and resets unit targeting with a stun with the balance changes coming out December 3rd we’ve got elixir collector and freeze changes coming December 5th this indicates to us that this is a huge client-side update and it’s coming because these changes rework the code so expect a really big December update the elixir collector will no longer be in your opening hand but can be anywhere from the 5th to the 8th card this will knife decks such as 3m and golem just because you’re never gonna have in your starting hand ever again there are moments where your opponent plants pump as the first thing and you have no counters for it until your 8th card like if you had rocketed 8th card you’ve automatically lost that 3m match freeze is having a complete rework after being absolutely broken at level 13 and will now only last 5 seconds no matter what level it is it’ll also have a base damage of 76 at tournament standard the damage is instantaneous it’s enough to kill skeletons and vets but not enough to kill spear goblins it’s interesting because this newly found damage will damage the tower now as well freezing a naked tower weird

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