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Nerf Royale giant nerf royal giant we’ve heard you community we’re increasing rural Giants damage by 60% wait no no no listen listen listen listen you see royal Giants been a very polarizing card in the history of clash Royale despite being popular on the ladder it has been one of the worst win conditions in competitive gameplay since competitive gameplays been introduced the goal long term is to get level 13 royal Giants into an appropriate trophy range for level 13 cards foot turnovers involve no world currently royal Giants it’s at a win rate in the low 30% which is easily the worst of all the major wind conditions and it’s something that we’ve wanted to address for a long time one of the most common complaints about royal giant is why would you buff this card I see it all the time on the ladder but ask yourself do you ever see a royal giant at the same level as you not really the problem with royal giant is his core design is kind of frustrating to deal with when over level we felt that royal Giants range was really the key frustrating aspect of the royal giant attack in addition you don’t have much time as a defender to counter him with high damage troops like barbarians and mini Pekka and because he out ranges all defensive towers in the game if you miss time something like an inferno tower he would just stand outside the range of the Inferno tower blasting away with his cannon we’ve reduced his range from tiles down to 5 times this is a pretty significant change to his range but it’ll allow you to block him consistently with buildings and really lay the damage on if you have the sort of troops that counter royal giant in exchange we’re increasing his damage by 60% in order to make up for the fact that well he’s a royal giant he carries a cannon so now each royal giant shot is gonna feel very impactful but it’s gonna take him a longer time to actually lock on and you have much more opportunity to counter him than before if he is unanswered he is going to be much stronger than before however if you do have the appropriate counters to Royal giant he shouldn’t feel like an unstoppable Goliath we’re hoping that this change is going to be received well by the community and you understand why we made such a drastic change to such a controversial card that’s been it for this video on royal Giants impending rework I’ve been set from the Royale team and if you want to see more videos on community hot topics and other gameplay design discussions make sure to hit the subscribe button and follow the official clash Royale youtube channel and if you’re really mad about the 60% damage increased our oil giant follow us on twitter and yell at drew thanks for watching you

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