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Clash Royale: NEW CARD! 🔥 NEW ARENA! 💀 January Update & February Content! TV Royale

Clash Royale: NEW CARD! 🔥 NEW ARENA! 💀 January Update & February Content! TV Royale

Welcome back once again to 2019 with Clash Royale. You look good. Haven’t seen you since a year ago. We’re right here to fairly share the stuff that’s arriving at Clash Royale into the up-date that’s being released quickly. You wish to hear more? Hit the subscribe key. We may have a giveaway available by the end. We now have a giveaway. Subscribe and you will obtain it. Let’s enter into it. We’ve got trading improvements and a fresh Arena. We’re celebrating the Lunar New 12 months with two brand-new game modes. And a brand-new card! The… Wow! You ought to view your whole episode to find out what this new card is. You want to ensure it is easier for you guys to trade. So we’ve developed a fresh system. The big change in this up-date usually you’ll pick as much as four cards you want to trade away.

The individual accepting the trade chooses the card they desire. They have that card, you receive your card. Simple as that. This is certainly a solution which will benefit people. It’ll be less clan talk clutter, and a much better general experience. This enables one to negotiate some across time zone. Now I am able to list, the Electro Dragons I’m hunting for, I’ll say I’ll present a Golem, P.E.K.K.A. Poison… Let them choose whatever they want. This up-date also include a fresh Arena into the game. It’ll be called Spooky Town, therefore’s time to get spooky. We’re changing the trophy counts of all Arenas to ensure Arenas open at 1000, 2000, 3000 and generally are disseminate evenly between those. It ensures that we’ll rearrange a few of the cards into the Arenas, therefore always check your collection next up-date falls. You have use of the cards that weren’t available before. That’s cool.

I want it. Don’t worry. Any cards you had unlocked, should they got relocated to an increased Arena, you’ll nevertheless see them in chests, so that you don’t lose anything. Good. That’s what I always hear. We’ve got some cool parties coming the Lunar New 12 months: a brand-new game mode. – exactly what 12 months could it be going to be? – the season of this hog, child. The hog big 12 months. We’re permitting the hogs away with a brand-new game mode where Royal Hogs will undoubtedly be spawning on either part available along with your opponent, every 12 moments while the game goes on. Your elixir will crank up, but therefore will the amount of Royal Hogs being spawned for both players.

It’s a fun option to commemorate the Year of this Pig. it is pretty nuts. We’ve been playing it at the office therefore gets a little intense occasionally. I’m finding pleasure in it. it is perhaps not the actual only real new game mode arriving at Clash Royale. We’re additionally presenting a fresh structure called Mini Collection mode. Like Clan War collection.

You like building decks for Clan Wars? The problem is you can play it as soon as on War Day. Mini Collection mode will provide you with 40 cards and allow one to build a deck from that. it is a fun challenge of your deck building skills. With those cards you need to find a very good deck. This Valentine’s Day, get near to someone and blow them with a Wall Breaker: the latest card arriving at Clash Royale. You may know them from Clash of Clans. We’re talking two Wall Breakers, two barrels of gunpowder. They’ll run towards the tower. If they make it happen, they result harm. – They just freaking blow it. – They cease become. You have seen Drew and I putting on the lovely TV Royale sweatshirts. You too could win one. We’ve got three different colors.

Hit the subscribe key, we’ll pick some random subscribers and mail them sweatshirts. These aren’t obtainable in the shop or a shop or anything. So buy them right here. It’s the actual only real destination you can get them. Subscribe! That’s it because of this episode of TV Royale. – Until the next occasion. I’m Seth. – I’m Drew. Keep it clashy. .

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