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Hey, what’s happening guys Nick at Nite right here now welcome to i understand i’m very sorry for the lack and wait in these another Clash Royale episode we’re wrapping up utilizing the period closing I don’t have long to push this final period only managed to make it up to master Wan a bit of a subpar performance But I’m gonna be streaming go on Twitch today for a little bit i understand it’s gonna be late once I do stream then underneath the Channel feed on Twitch. I’m gonna make a schedule this week either the next day and/or following day And it’s gonna be a good small icon where you can see that day What time in your timezone that all be going real time which may be a little bit simpler to answer the questions like? whenever have you been gonna be going real time today because daily and every week is a little bit various for me personally at the least at this time right here so until that’s more leveled down so we get constant I’m gonna do some early morning some afternoons plus some night times with respect to the day, so ideally your timezone is within this year let’s simply play around using this master one chest And I actually need i do believe we only need one more mega night, and another more royal ghost So let’s see if clash royale really loves us today, then we could upgrade those and make use of them in our decks But let’s use a a deck based away from this approximately, so I’ll simply choose skeleton barrel then possibly musketeer to be sure we now have something on crowd Oh, maybe a barbarian Hut also, so we’ve got our legendary choices.

Let’s see royal ghost mega night i am talking about perhaps not Royal Ghost secret Archer oh Do we get one closer to max yeah? I’m gonna get probably one closer to maxing out mega night, then match i am talking about possibly i ought to have taken the secret Archer that knows oh And Hunter alright, so let’s see skeleton barrel muskie search hut Mega, so, let’s go right ahead and make that deck Oh, that is an is this good deck know this is actually the bad deck so we’d muskie or I’ll do the barrel first cuz she actually is a she’s up top muskie and Hunter hunter degree seven and Oh, i ought to have maybe I could simply include him in because he was in mix you understand mega Knight is this exactly what have always been I doing over right here swiping left swiping up here.

We go mega Knight And Barb hearts, this is a bit of a beefy deck however if it absolutely wasn’t a beefy deck it could be a vegetarian think it could be a pescetarian Humanitarian I don’t know really what type of deck. We’re hunting for right here those rejected like a five cards Yeah, i suppose so I still have this because we activated it late protip silver chest cannon archers zap simplicity clone other things oh I don’t I don’t need hogs does the clan need hogs because it’s such as the most typical thing that folks Request start some quests here we go giant 2p2 we’re gonna go on and refresh that typical cards legendary and donate 40.

There’s the news for ya another silver chest i suppose let’s simply say let’s simply say my option right here well We want these final three cards become it’s somewhat so four four three seven seven let us enhance some zap um exactly how we get into that other person’s zap and I Guess we could be boring with fireball, then i want one more type of card that may simply trudge onwards and obtain that damage done for people so maybe Either a hog driver or we could do maybe a giant is this too happy i’d like to see or five yeah that might be too. Heavy. Let us simply take action simple like a minor small Fireballs zap skeleton barrel right here. We go. Thank you for the zap simplicity Shane Iceman 50 Rumpy he was so so delicious, Oh ice ma’am Thumbs up good luck slap him utilizing the tradition our Burien hut goes down we see some archers split joining the energy around Now I’m attempting to think what is the wackiest way? We could make this deck work. I mean hunter currently is gonna be kind of whack I’ve got a zap for this graveyard.

Oh wow good freeze there we’ll zap this graveyard now a couple skeletons are gonna be striking that tower, however it does deal some massive damage Massive damage. Personally I think like i ought to you should be like a pop-up when it’s like hit him utilizing the massive damage wolf all at one time you realize well right here comes my combo for you personally skeleton barrel small small distracts and a fireball is available in for three minions good good elixir elixir trade trade trade Archers they truly are a confident protective trade But this club Hut is showing no mercy the barbs continue to trudge down that remaining lane after which when the archers target a musketeer out of nothing Deploys during the connection as well as the barbarians swing their mightiest of swings as well as the tower takes him out Next he’s got a knight and it’s an attractive one possibly I’ll hunter it appropriate during the connection, so he does not virtually no time to graveyard me I don’t even comprehend if he was gonna graveyard me he pumps We got a push appropriate this deck just isn’t good.

This deck is unquestionably bad. I can fireball their pump you understand in the course of time he is simply got a guy’s graveyard cycle. It’s gonna arrow that down Hit him with thumbs keep it light keep it casual. I’ve got mega Knight the next occasion graveyard happens it isn’t really gonna be sufficient for people you can find their minions. Let us slap a barbed hut down carry on that I’ve got a fireball But alright, I’m gonna play in regards to the minion and archers right here. He is gonna freeze us Wait for it Freeze we’ll zap now as the towers dead breathtaking time in case you guys are ever wondering the best time to actually zap It’s when the towers dead should you it before you decide to’re gonna keep your tower up And I suggest who’s attempting to keep their tower alive you understand a fireball in on night as well as the minions here All hope is just isn’t fully lost all is that that double over there let us get a I should be just a little aggressive here, so we are going to choose mega night miner He is got the minions the minions make all the difference in most these decks that we see daily day in day out Ad minions ad the minion i would really include minions for this next one.

Let’s observe how this goes though Zapping he is got the six-second fries out Good well play good game alright, so he gets this. I’m gonna modify this dagger it isn’t imaginative enough this this chest it provided us mega night 1 really. We ought to you should be utilizing more legendary cards, so let us bring them down good we dropped a league, it’s the easiest way to start a season simply drop a league mmm barb ha and Mm-hmm let’s enhance a Man, i must say i don’t like those very first four cards. They simply want it simply needs something facing them, so let’s do we school them possibly maybe only no close is kind of stupid I don’t know very well what our damage card is even gonna be a barb cooking pot is merely tough to cycle to so let’s let’s really try that pump and Zap I just need after all we already have enough tanks. Be it the small was a good one the mega night and let’s enhance the Everything the following is simply too expensive. I want I want a tanky ish card could be a lumberjack Realistically, I just need another male ID card because hunter Skeleton barrel i do believe I’m gonna ditch this club But I don’t really I don’t have good feeling in regards to the barb Hut we’re gonna turn the club cooking pot in minions Magic assuming this deck does not work properly I’m simply gonna use a few other decks which can be in slots like 1 through 5 – this because I had a few good people, and I really only made a video clip, and I think one of these But i’ve a good good meaty golem one Okay goblin gang vanishes growth In a blink of an eye a level four mega Knight coming at you.

he is gonna choose that classic scar me defense nobody by many abide by by few jump mega Knight. Okay. He is gonna. Be mega Knights. Simply all sorts of confuse hit that wizard here you go Skeleton barrow comes down wizard addresses the cleanup there probably needs to have defended the hog driver, but instead let’s pump up Because i do believe Simply maybe we might resemble two licks are ahead right now And we have a pretty heavy deck so when it comes to beatdown decks we have to continually be willing to simply take a little bit of damage well hunter and Zapp right here hunter simply Eradicate s– elite barbarians especially with a zap that’s important Lumberjack right facing this hunter. Simply causing him some dilemmas hunter lumberjack Oh wow, baby dragon two shots hunter growth they simply canceled one another out that was way cooler than it should have already been though we’ll cycle a musket be prepared for a hog, however I could also pump up again.

You never ever know Minions coming down also. Possibly this will draw out a fireball. It’s certainly value. Nope simply a zap ok, so I goes A pump in the centre because that’s fireable, but he will not be able to strike both pumps and you also do not have to simply strike the tower Which is guess what happens he will probably might like to do anyway hunter there together with his nasty buckshot distribute Continues to cause dilemmas to everybody in this is skeleton military skeleton military will remain strong Wizard incapable of pull the lumberjack. That is a simple three two swings When you consider it two swings, that is a win musketeer versus goblin gang Mega knight coming down for wizard guy growth wizard guy eat the dirt there bite it mega knight coming down what is he gonna? Do is you have got a fireball? minions minions mega night skeleton barrel Lumberjack bears the tornado, but we don’t see a happy spell in the future utilizing the tornado And that’s certainly gonna mean skeleton barrel and lumberjack simply take the tower Megan.

used to do the bottom maintaining the stress up No time to decrease or let up our pumps here are really just the title of this game for people that And I suggest he is degree 12, but he is got maximum goblin gang he is got countless maximum devices aughh driver wailing on her tower Megan a leap of faith additionally the musketeer for the three crown there in order that one exercised alright for people we still want to try to go here Dex i’ven’t matter of slots since they were pretty good somebody overcome me together with his nasty Pekka saw stack And I want to try any particular one out.

This is called the pack of sauce oh good it went up a leak that is the way you begin a season you realize Pekka sauce you want to simply generally um utilize goblin hut that is a pretty good begin. It’ll beat countless giants and golems has a tough time against um Mmm-maybe hog driver But in addition perhaps not hog driver right. I mean, let’s you should be genuine for a little bit All right the child dragon coming in we’ve got a witch coming down right here with pre spawn skeletons like a minion here baby dragon gonna be causing all sorts of problems with its splash fiery balls and Which is still alive on field let’s put a belk down You will need to make this witch a bigger threat than she in fact is Valkyrie and which this is actually the title of this game It’s no way. I think this could have already been the one I made it doesn’t actually work I think I’d made this therefore didn’t work No, maybe it’s the guy don’t know I genuinely really that knows so Pekka, and which the good synergy there is certainly the pekka’s solitary shot as well as the witch is gonna be splash when you combine those two You really simply protect all of your bases except against balloon Here’s another witch and I’ve enough for this mega minion no miner is available in on witch Kilotons to manage a miner that balloons gonna destroy our tower it gets another Nasty shot off there tower goes down that is here? I? Have Actually I go? This is the episode in which every single other battle is gonna be fantastic We’ll begin a packer now Because we now have nil to lose with 125 remaining It’s either make it happen in get a tower or perhaps kind of end playing.

There is the infernal dragon? Making their first I could fireball it, but I’m gonna wait I’m simply gonna include a Mega guy. You realize when it locks on Lock on for me personally, now i must fireball this though because otherwise the infernal dragon will heat up up too hot Slap a goblin hut down begin adding some goblins to the mix.

he is gonna. Go on and tornado our Pekka and Fireball a naked Pekka the interesting play Another Pekka being released then I’m gonna add a mega minion Forget the which atom mega, guy, you receive the fireball prepared for this infernal dragon it is not gonna make it happen in time for this Kaka, however it’ll make it happen in time for i suppose my Skeletor my spear goblin horde that is making its first. Let us choose an instant belt Which bush? Which simply on a range there atart exercising . skeletons. Yes. He has a tornado there is the fireball that we wanted to see right here comes the Pekka I don’t know if we have enough to cycle in 15 moments especially with a tornado I don’t have a SAP in this deck which is the death of it pretty much Good game well played alright, so once again a flop of a deck it was certainly the one we messed to it because if it absolutely was a deck that overcome me we might did. Well right here, but what’s going on with your 13s period reset matchups. We simply took place a league that is a good solution to star.

This is the good three point four giant Legendary deck this here ciri Ciel hey oh My goodness if I would have stated that my view my phone on my desk every thing would have simply lit up and stated I’m really amazed. I stated I didn’t say hey before it though um. He is gonna go mega. We began our giant all the best plus some thumbs. Oh sweet Gollum do good objective of this good Gollum Real good Gollum people this mega, guy who begins moving we’d our mega minion now. He went aggressive let us discipline him utilizing the countertop push as well as the countertop play I’m chatting toasters Microwave ovens hot pouches something that goes on the counter It’s gonna take our hand here magic Archer down in moat area and appearance at he gets one shot off that goes all the way to that princess tower a Magic Archer can cleanup there And he gets two shots without even crossing the connection onto this arena tower now.

exactly what on earth is? seaweed planning to do is mega minion is crucial wellness because it crosses the connection and that is showing too little ethical offer the mega minion very nearly gets a swing um But we could go appropriate in with Giant and mega minion, and I’ve got a poison if he does so elect to tombstone us we’ll simply poison anyway there we go poisons down. That is gonna take out the skeletons. That is gonna get that night which there he is gonna hit us with a well-played.

He knows it’s over at least that towers over Can I make a minion ensure it is in and take out the archers that would you should be lovely since they cannot be supported By a large ol jar golem facing them giant one big beefy move on that degree 12 King Tower that is gonna. Keep a mark 118 left really I’m simply gonna watch for their play yeah. I’ll do a roll goes I’ll simply do a cycle cycle Bro goes heading down the proper lane Ghostly there’s that golem let’s start our push to counter that golem then a giant for the next devices next golem I’ve got a poison spell so I never really know all their choices that you can use against us But i understand you can find very few because I’m able to hold this push with that poison quite nicely Gonna poison the connection right now That’ll fall into line appropriate with your golem or our giant getting here, and there is the graveyard being released interesting deck giant graveyard notorious in course royal community for really Being good combo you realize simply a truly good one.

I have another giant magic Archer down he is gonna take out our magic Archer this magic Archer however. He is inside to win it right now We’ve got a royal ghost secret Archer Bolt legendaries are only degree 3 in ways hey Nick. That isn’t enough Oh, but here’s another royal goes as well as the cycle continues as well as the poison goes out Archers as well as the poison double royal ghosts one needs to just make it happen one hit good game well played So um any particular one was simply we he didn’t have a pump so we were able to down cycle and but pretty much Great match mr.. CL Corral, but we say from course rail who really knows that decks good the other decks do we got oh? This giant, that is the one we showed you guys any particular one’s too good and also this is my personal favorite golem or one or more of my personal favorite golem decks right now, so let’s simply take a peek see against Juventus from KK Thailand, Oh, hoo plus some good good that has been an error certainly I’ve done that when per video clip the previous couple of videos now.

nobody should ever play a minor there That minors gonna enter for a few good tombstone chip damage which you know if you’re perhaps not ship damaging tombstones down if they get deployed you never know how to course rail down load 100% free you realize evening that is gonna be one of our two lava hound counters And actually this could end up being the most challenging matchup for this golem deck a lavaloon with a misplaced art like I had But we are going to see you realize see I’m simply gonna ignore my tower use the baby Dragon to aid this golem therefore the minions never rack it now we could turn around and lose our tower.

That’s fine we’ll send a miner in deep to distract that right princess tower, and heis only kind of going for exactly what looks become Almost the three crown push also Interesting I’m gonna go right ahead and SAP these pups they arrived on the scene blue plus they are not damaged though that is simply the title of this game. This is certainly simply an all-out warfare match right now. We’ve got their tower down seriously to 14 27 exactly what could he do actually if we put another golem down? Well he could simply balloon us that huh? Well begin guards then Guards i wish to go Gold him, but he simply must distract and make use of a balloon, and he’ll go all the way through us we’ll begin a slow golem. I think we could get three ground right here you can find the minions And night, which there is the hounds I’m gonna need certainly to Guess poisonous to attempt to take out this simply megamen y’all after which we’ve got baby dragon Log for the tombstone Miner in deeply I’ve got a SAP for the people spear gob sample Malay miner must go through some regular goblins after which a poison that should be GG there GG.

Well play yes, this golem deck here guys I would certainly recommend it maybe swap down like a couple of cards you can also return to like a more conventional palm variant of it But year brand new decks inform me exactly what decks you guys want to see this year and simply for that win there i cannot get a legendary chest, but I could get a fortune chest, so we do well there’s a mega night within old Baby think about it Fortunate are we experiencing lucky? maybe if we swap Wait you could simply tap away from it, and you lose your fortune. That doesn’t seem very lucky Can we get a legendary card in right here please? Oh? No, no, I’m thinking a lightening chest.

I was carrying this out love hold off. How to tap away from it? Silly me silly me. I understand i want more hunters lightning All right, sweet. That is what I wanted to do. Hope you guys enjoyed everything course women. We’re doing keep it. You here I’m nickatnyte. I’m going to be straight back with you guys within the next episode .

Also, Happy International Women’s Day, as Clash Royale is also having this amazing challenge which is ending today. It is called the Legendary Ladies Draft Challenge. Make sure you play. It is tough because it is only allowing you three losses and then you have to enter by paying 100 gems!

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