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Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Dec 2018

Clash Royale Ram Rider Draft Challenge Dec 2018

Have you started playing with Clash Royale Ram Rider? It is an amazing draft where you get to use their latest character known as the Ram Rider. It is quite crazy because I am still trying to figure out the damage that he does. Seems that he can charge with his ram to do quite a bit of damage. He can also protect himself with some sort of weapon which he wields. Make sure you let yourself go and experience this challenge. However, one thing to take note is that I find it very difficult to play in this challenge. This is probably because there are really a lot of good players in this challenge and all of them wants to win the Ram Rider. The same rules applies again where the first time is free, but thereafter, if you lose three times, you have to use the 100 gems to continue to play.

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