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iPhone X – One Year Later Review and Comparison

iPhone X – One Year Later Review and Comparison

Hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and the iPhone 10 was out for about annually roughly I been utilizing it everyday since it came out before iPhone XS max came out and then the iPhone X are therefore I desired to mention exactly how its held up if you should select one up or update from your X towards XS and compare between those and simply see how the battery wellness is and if it’s nevertheless a good value if you’re attempting to get your practical one therefore allow’s simply take a look now the actual design of the X holds to the XS and as you’ll see this one is in pretty good shape this has been utilized for a whole year without a screen protector or a situation for the most part and as far as scratches on it and things like that I never think you’re going to find too many now if you have the other model allow me personally set this one down if you have the other model you may see a lot more scratches along the bottom here this has been a whenever the entire time therefore this one is held up extremely well there’s no scrapes around the outside edges simply regarding bottom you might see some very light people in the correct light otherwise it appears fresh therefore if you keep it in a situation it’s fine and then this one has not utilized a screen protector the entire time and I never think you’re going to find really many scratches on it it’s held up remarkably well for the cup that’s on it and probably better than some of my other phones so this one is doing effectively that means now as far as the overall feel of it it seems built slightly better to me personally versus more recent phones and I’ll show you that in a moment but the actual tolerances appear to be tighter and I never understand why that’s maybe they invested a lot more time on this one and desired to get it right and that’s why it came out slightly later final year but it in general seems very nice and assembled effectively all buttons work just fine they’re nice and clicky and they’re durable like many iPhones all buttons usually endure pretty well we haven’t had problems with that since the iPhone 4 period now the display has held up effectively over time too now something to understand is this is an OLED display if you weren’t aware currently so that means it gives off its own light and after several years those can dim but this one appears to be okay now here’s a XS and next to an amazing XS will set them at the same brightness levels actually allow’s turn them both entirely up so they’re going to look slightly blown out here on this camera but they’re very bright they’re about equal maybe this one is a little bit more dim the 10 but it’s about the same the colors appear to be very close let’s turn them both down to about the same right there and colors will look about the same now if we turn them means down you’ll nevertheless see simply too and they’re about the same brightness either way regardless exactly how you’re utilizing them therefore allow’s trim this backup so we can see it and the phone it self like I stated it’s held up well now some individuals say this design many years quickly for myself it nevertheless seems fairly fresh but for some individuals because we have the bigger max phone it seems a little bit more fresh but for some individuals it appears old some articles are reporting that I guess that could be the instance simply depends on your view on it now as far as burnin I had no problems with burnin allow me personally switch to a screen so we can see it now i’ve an all white back ground and this is to always check for burnin and different ghosting of icons that might were there particularly the battery indicator you’ll see there’s no no indication that that’s there at all I never see it anywhere regarding display and they’ve done a good work of moving pixels around to prevent burnin that’s a typical thing on OLED displays and apple has combated that utilizing whatever technology they’re utilizing to move those pixels around now as far as battery over time this is a question I have all the time is exactly how should I charge my phone and every thing therefore understand that phone and the other iPhone X I’ll show you in a moment we’re charged without caring about it at all whenever I’m in a car I plug it in to use apple carplay or use the vehicles audio system and cost it basically’m at house I charge this overnight each night for a whole year so I never monitor the battery or any such thing like that I put it on a cordless charger or whatever is available I usually utilize an apple charger or a cordless charger I’ll link in the description now as far as that goes allow’s always check the battery here therefore here’s battery wellness after one year on my iPhone X and here’s battery wellness regarding iPhone X this is actually my spouse’s phone and after one year of charging you it the same means 97per cent so it’s okay if you have less than that Apple states it’s okay for 80per cent after two years but this is without doing any such thing observe the battery this is plugging it in charging you it overnight leaving it regarding charger each night and having no problems and that’s the battery capability that’s left so it’s holding up pretty well that means now as far as the rate is worried inside this we have the A11 Bionic chip 3 gigabytes of RAM and 64 gigs of storage within particular model and it’s plenty fast this is the A12 Bionic in the XS and allow’s simply take several tests will do a geek bench and then open a couple applications and see how it does now before we run the geek bench I simply want to show you the display differences between the two you’ll see this is the X this is the XS therefore’ll see both of them have true tone off brightnesses about the same and night change is off on both of them so there are differences I would say the 10 appears slightly better versus XS but that’s simply my viewpoint therefore allow’s go ahead and close that let’s close both our apps or all our apps here we’ll return into geek bench and see what we have therefore we’ll await it to load it’s using slightly longer to load regarding 10s there we get we’ll go to CPU and we’ll run now both of they’re regarding same version iOS so if you return you’ll see that but iOS on both of them run standard and allow’s see what the results are whenever this is done now both of them have finished therefore’ll see that the score differences aren’t as great as you might expect but they’re very similar 4821 first four thousand 200 and seventy seven and eleven thousand five hundred and eighty-two verse ten thousand seven hundred and 32 so they’re both very close you’re maybe not going to notice slowdowns regarding iPhone 10 therefore allow’s get house here and then allow’s open minecraft and then we’re going to do one more test simply to compare them to show you the differences so we’ll open up minecraft here this is the first time they’ve experienced stalled and opened on both phones therefore await it to load once more you’ll see that that distinction in color too okay we’ll simply signal from we never wish to sign in will it carry on on both will strike play will produce brand new will produce a brand new world and create and this can take a moment to load nevertheless’ll see the iPhone X is doing quite well and they’re both about the same actually the XS was slightly slower so it’s maybe not bad at all therefore’ll see basically scroll back here this is the XS with the 11,000 Geekbench and the X therefore and then they were both resumed pretty quickly and they’re super fast both of them allow’s do one more fast test as far as a comparison and then we’ll mention if you should purchase one now i’ve iMovie packed on both of the phones you’ll see i’ve a 4 moment and 37 2nd project it’s a 4k video of something i’ven’t released yet but it’s similar video on both i’ve the X regarding remaining XS regarding right and allow’s make the XS Max as a stopwatch we’ll slide these over here and allow’s see how long it takes to export them so we’ll strike done and then we’ll share both of them we’ll strike save video and then we’ll strike 4k and see basically can strike start simultaneously there we get and allow’s see how they do therefore the iPhone 10 exported faster versus 10s so we’ll await that to finish now both of them are done so they’re very close but it’s surprising that the XS really is slightly slower so both of them are good therefore’ll see there was a little studdering there but both of them are good but that part was pretty surprising now both of these have face ID and I desired to show you a quick comparison if it’s that big of a deal so if we allow’s unlock them once more we’ll simply tap the displays therefore’ll see they unlocked at about the same time but they’re very close and we’ll take to it once more and that onetime it didn’t work therefore the conclusion of this as far as face ID goes is face ID I been utilizing it for over annually now but I also allow my sibling use this phone since he didn’t have this one and he stated his one grievance was face ID he was from an 8 plus and face ID works fine it works well but I also skip touch ID now I might in the minority there as far as that’s concerned but I choose touch ID over face ID as far as its rate is worried specially in the morning whenever you’re attempting to look directly at a bright phone things like that I simply find the easier it’s simply my personal viewpoint on that now if you should purchase an iPhone X now is around you they never theoretically sell them any longer therefore but compared to the X in the XS if you never have a X I would buy the XS but if you have a X I would definitely not update you’re essentially getting a better camera regarding XS slightly better camera you’ve got better speakers the speakers on this are great nevertheless have a wider stereo sound essentially they made the presenter louder in the brand new one therefore both of them sound more stereo if you’re viewing a video clip this means and then the other thing too is it’s got the more recent processor in the brand new one nevertheless saw from the tests that in real-world tests it doesn’t really make that much of a distinction the distinction comes with many AR applications therefore if you’re utilizing those that’s where you’ll see the distinction therefore allow me personally understand what you think though in the feedback below do you like the X did you update if you have one or had one or do you think it’s worth selecting up if you’ll find one now since they never make it any longer but if you’ll find them in shops leftover and things you could nevertheless select one up allow me personally understand your thoughts in the feedback below if you haven’t subscribed currently please subscribe and like as always many thanks for viewing this is Aaron I’ll see you next time

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