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WWE Superstars πŸ’ͺ VS Clash Royale Dev Team πŸ€“ (Cesaro & Xavier Woods)

WWE Superstars πŸ’ͺ VS Clash Royale Dev Team πŸ€“ (Cesaro & Xavier Woods)

I’m Salty Seth, here with Dangerous Drew. We’ve got a call out for Clash With Cesaro. Or should I say Swiss Tony? That’s right. Some of WWE’s biggest superstars have started their own YouTube channel. These jabronis started a YouTube channel called UpUpDownDown with 2 million subscribers? Hell no. So, you hear me Cesaro? If you’ve got the stones, the cojones, the feel-it-in-your-bones, why don’t you grab a tag team partner of your choice? Come battle Dangerous Drew and Salty Seth in a 2v2 match up that will be remembered forever.LATER … They are not coming. We’re too tough for them, Dangerous Drew. – They’re total cowards. – Definitely cowards. I guess that means … we win by forfeit. – That’s true. Let’s get out of here. – Let’s do it. Having trouble there? – You thought we wouldn’t show up? – Yeah. Cowards, right? More importantly, what the hell are you all wearing? TV ROYALE CHAMPS VS CHUMPS Welcome back, Clashers, to this special episode of TV Royale. I’m Seth and I’m here with Drew from the Clash Royale team. We are joined by two special guests: WWE superstars Cesaro and Xavier Woods. – How do you guys feel? – Yeah, we feel real good. Yes, we are good. We are WWE superstars, but, in the gaming realm, you can call us Austin Creed and Swiss Shady.We’re here to battle. It’s 2v2, and I know just the game. Come on! Never mind. Let’s play Clash Royale. The rules today: 2v2 Clash Royale. We’re playing a best-of-three. So, the first team to win two battles is going home with the first-ever Clash Royale … championship? We’ll take that back home with us. We’re going to get on the plane and I’ll hang it on my wall. He’s going to hang it on his, and there’s nothing you can do about it! Well, you know, just because we’re curious, what’s your favorite card? What deck do you like to play? Well, my favorite card is the Zappies. I don’t know why I said it, but it really is. I HATE ZAPPIES SO MUCH. I’ll go Skeleton Army.And Giant Skeleton. We should do an all-skeleton deck. Are you all ready? – I think we’re ready, Drew? – I’m ready. Ready to lose, I mean win. Champs vs Chumps starts now. CHAMPS VS CHUMPS GAME 1 Oh! Go! Go Giant, go! Two buildings? God. That was the worst. That Barb barrelled over. Sorry man. It’s a new kind of meta thing happening. It’s all part of the plan. OK. Actually … All right. Interesting! Not the best Poison I’ve played, but it’ll do.

– No. Drew, no. – There we go. All right. This is deck industrial revolution, because we stay building on you. – They’ve got nothing but factories. – I’m not used to this lower elixir. Are you a double elixir fan? – Well, I’m thinking it’s a bit slower … – Because I’m using it all? No, wait … We gave them a build with less elixir. What the rock is … Alright, alright. Good thing. Come on, get back in this. – I still have to pull out my ace. – Okay. – Which is a. – Oh, alright. You have an ace in the hole then. – A secret waiting for you. – It’ll probably be really bad. Put the Poison down. Oh no, my Witch will explode. Get the Princess. She’ll walk out. Don’t walk out yet. She lives. This is really close. I wasn’t expecting it.I didn’t expect it to be this close. – We got 830 left. – I got Barbarian. Austin said he likes Skeleton Army, so I brought one, and they’ll fight. Put him on the right side. I meant to freeze it. That’s on me. It’s the one. I had the mirrored Rocket in the pocket. That was mad. I had the mirrored Rocket. The dirtiest play in the game. I knew they had a Mirror, but not a mirrored Rocket. Drew and I snuck away with game number 1. One more win and we’re taking that championship home. The Champs vs Chumps inaugural title. I would say we gave you game number 1. – We gave it to you. We’re kind. – We need to make it interesting. So big comeback coming. It’s loser’s talk. Let’s get into game 2. Furnace on the right-hand side. – We got this. Opening up with a Baby Dragon against that Furnace. That was pro play man. Leave me alone. Freeze it. Freeze it. Freeze does damage now. – Freeze does damage now? – Big mistake. Oh, that’s what you changed. We see. He’s so strong! – Here we go. – OK. He has a Wizard now. No Wizard, no. Go, go, yes. Get all the towers. He’s going to blow up the tower. We need that tower. This makes me feel good. Oh no, no, the Tornado. We’ve got to get in there. We’ll get him there. I need your focus, Drew.Back to the game, dude. – Here we go. – We can take the tower! Oh no, the Electro Wizard! – And two, and one! – We can’t let this happen, Drew! And the match is over! – We’ll emote all over them. – Wait, sorry. You always do this. Thanks! Well played! – Good luck! Good game! – Good game! Well, it’s come down to this: game three between the champs and chumps. Who’ll be the champ? Who’ll be the chump? Still undecided. The next game determines who walks home, going … And who walks home, going … I’m going to emote so hard. – When I pull a trickeration. – Trickeration? – Ready for this? – Okay. – Here we go. Communication. – Communication, kids.- We need to defend. – Oh, no! Oh, no. Please, tell me you’re playing Lavaloon. He’s saying “please” like he’s got an answer for it. – I’ve got this. – Alright, cool. I’ve got him. – Nice! – Oh, no! – Here we go. – Uh-oh! – I’m liking what I’m seeing here. – I’m not liking this. Come on! Oh, the Miner got killed! – We got some damage in there. – I could have done that on the tomb. – It’s okay. – The Miner! Get off my back! Oh, yeah, good old P.E.K.K.A.P.E.K.K.A kite with the princesses. I like the Goblin Hut. It’ll hold the line on the right side. Which Goblin Hut?-Oh, no, my Goblin Hut! – Oh, no. – Oh, alright. – I’ll use the Fireball for that. – Salt-N-Pepa on it! Push it! – Oh, the Freeze! – Oh, no! – There it is! Now, we have a crown. – Come on, dude, we can do this. – We need three. – Clutch Freeze, there. – Heavy is the head, my boys! That Freeze was too much. We would have had the tower anyway with the damage from the Balloon. But, you know, you’ve got to go for it. You’ve got to go for the good content. Okay, we already have one crown. Here we go! – Oh, yeah! Knight is coming back. – Here we go! Get in there! Four archers! You know you can’t …! – Don’t worry. – The Clone! The Clone ruski! Look at all those Archers! Oh, yeah! Six Archers coming at you! – I got that. – Did you get that? Uh-oh. But I don’t have that Balloon! What do I have? Go, Goblins! Go, go, go! You pushed it into the Goblin Hut! Drew, no! – But keep going! – That’s good, that’s good! Okay, the Giant is still going. Oh, no! Come on, Giant! Get kited! We’re going into overtime. 15 seconds before overtime in the best-of-three match! They know my trick now, they can see it coming. That’s a lot of Archers. Uh-oh. Defend the Balloon! I haven’t got a. I’ve got a Fireball. Come on, we’re in overtime. We don’t have time for this, Drew. It’s a lot in overtime! Let’s go. – No, the Clone, get in there! – No, nope! Nope, not today. – Alright, man. – Wait. – Okay. – This is a good … Do we go up? – No. – Alright. Is that enough? Do they have the Rocket? I don’t think so. Oh, they have the … I don’t have Arrows! Step back and look at it! Tell them “Good game!” Oh yeah, sorry.Good game! Well played! Thanks! Come on, guys! Good game! – Good game. – Thank you very much. It’s about sportsmanship when you lose. I thought that Clone would work! I thought it would work. Yeah, well. Newsflash: it did not. We can do it again, because we’re coming back. May 10 with Smackdown right here in Helsinki. Check it out! But, if you can’t wait long to see us again, check us out on the greatest YouTube channel ever, UpUpDownDown, and subscribe if you have yet to subscribe already. And visit the second best channel on YouTube, Clash Royale. I’m not biased, by any means. And check out more videos of me and Seth losing at 2v2. Thanks again guys for joining us.It’s been awesome. It was a pleasure losing to you guys. It’s been an absolute pleasure coming to your house and winning. So that’s going to conclude the first episode of Champs vs Chumps. And today Drew and I are the chumps. The morale: never meet your idols, ’cause they’ll beat you at your game. Thanks for watching! We’ll see you on the next episode of TV Royale.

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